Sins of a Blogger

Forgive me blogfather for I have sinned. It has been 45 days since my last post and in the world of blogging, that is apparently the deathknell. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say. Quite the contrary. I have too much to say, ergo, I’ve started thinking about taking this blogging thing seriously, once I get my shit together of course. I began by researching ‘How to Quit Screwing Around and Become a Real Blogger’. Plus I talked to some people who actually follow real blogs and let me tell you, I’ve been going at this all wrong.

It appears 45 days between posts is not my only sin. Oh no. I’m also too verbose, loquacious, voluble. People don’t like to read (I just read), but they love pictures. And lots of them. My blog titles are all wrong too. “Saving Mama Luna” really should have been titled “How Not to Drown in the Yucatan”. I’m also not linking to other blogs (rectified here thank god, so that’s one sin off my list). I haven’t yet digressed to Plagarizing Other Bloggers although I guess that could happen if I start blogging once a day. I kind of doubt it though. Chucking in one’s life and moving to a foreign country where they speak a foreign language and everything is foreign, is pretty ripe fodder for blogging, I figure.

I just have to find my focus amongst all this stimulation, wax poetically (with pictures of course), and hope that my metatags are in line with my chakras. 

Content suggestions welcome.

 P.S. I had no picture for this blog so here’s a piece of art I made instead 🙂

making art in Merida, hecho a mano

Getting in touch with my inner artist, inspired by living in Merida