The Drift Factor

This entry is about driving in Mexico, although I  have yet to get behind the wheel. Partially due to the fact that my husband loves to drive, but mostly because of what I have coined ‘the drift factor’.

Mexicanos don’t drive, they drift. From lane to lane, through intersections, out of side streets; you’re never quite sure what they’re going to do next. Mexicanos consider lanes to be suggestions, and traffic circles to be entertainment. Stop signs are optional. And then there are the one-way streets, which are mostly marked. Mostly. Except when they’re not, which can be loads of fun especially at night. Yellow lights last approximately .05 seconds which isn’t an issue because Mexicanos tear through them anyway. And the red light that follows. Throw in the unmarked ‘topes’ (speed bumps) and the ‘peatones’ (speed bumps on steroids) and you can understand my reluctance to trade my 2 feet for 4 wheels. My husband has taken to driving like a Mexicano, and has developed bilingual Tourettes. Hasta la vista baby!

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