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The Magical Hacienda San Jose Pachul

Haciendas are to the Yucatan what castles are to Scotland. Mysterious, magical, sometimes otherworldly, they represent a time gone by that can only be imagined. Many have been abandoned, some have been partially restored as museums, a few have become expensive boutique hotels. And then there are the stalwart souls who actually search out a ruined hacienda and with patience, grit, passion and determination, create something remarkable.

Jose Fernandez and Richard Fuller are braver than most and the Hacienda San Jose Pachul is their luscious achievement. Forty minutes outside of Merida, this amazing property is both home and work for Jose and Richard. Two guest suites are in constant demand as are their culinary skills, and it was for this reason that 6 of us made the trek to lunch at this particular hacienda. After a tour of the grounds and gardens, we slaked our thirst with signature sour orange margaritas. The prix fixelunch menu was a perfect offering of fresh local ingredients artfully composed in dishes like banana gazpacho, a luscious adobo infused osso buco, and a guava papaya soup. Jose was a sommelier in a former life, and the accompanying Pinot Noir was a nice surprise. We arrived at 1:30 and left regretfully as the sun was draping its burnished glow over the landscape. Another amazing experience in the Yucatan and one I hope to repeat very soon.


8 comments on “The Magical Hacienda San Jose Pachul

  1. oh my goodness but we too love richard and jose. they are so funny and entertaining and just generally sweet, kind, and caring. and what they’ve done out at the hcda is just awesome, so elegantly casual that you feel all dressed up at home! and my oh my what jose can do in the kitchen, nothing short of orgasmic!

  2. agreed on all accounts! and apparently they have their own private cenote too!! Methinks an overnight con esposo y sin perro is in order 🙂

  3. Jose and Richard have created an incredibly beautiful, warm and inviting environment. They are wonderful hosts and the meals are as great as their hospitality. Definitely one of the best spots for a long, relaxing, fun afternoon and one of the most romantic places to stay overnight with a couple of spectacular rooms.

  4. Diane Brown

    Looks fabulous! Now I can’t remember why I didn’t come along-next time!

  5. Feast for the senses that afternoon! Boosie wants a skirt like yours. See ya in 10 sleeps!!

  6. Can’t wait to see you sister – next time it will be here in lovely Merida I hope!

  7. hi Alison, planning our escape to Manzanillo this fall. Are you heading that way?

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