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What 170 Pesos bought me at the Market in Merida

Got the makings for grilled veggies, tomato chile marmalade, cheese croutons for the Chipotle Caesar salad and home baked beans with crostini :)
Got the makings for grilled veggies, tomato chile marmalade, cheese croutons for the Chipotle Caesar salad and home baked beans with crostini 🙂

After recently spending a month in Vancouver where oatmeal and a large latte at Whole Foods (affectionately known as Whole Paycheque) set me back $10, and the fixings to make a veggie lasagna came to $50, I was happy to be back to my favourite mercado just 10 minutes walk from my door. It’s hot, noisy and crowded but I love it – and its a great way to practice the ol’ espanol – and Mayan if you’re really up for a challenge! Here’s what $15 Cdn bought me from the local growers:
5 beets
2 eggplants
3 onions
bunch of shallots
4 zucchini
15 tomatoes
20 strawberries
bag of fresh frijoles (beans)
big bunches of fresh chives, basil, chaya, mint, parsley, cilantro
1 beautiful halyconia flower

And just down the road at my new fave French bakery, Escargot Panderia Francesa:
2 fresh baguettes right out of the oven
2 small cheese baguettes
1 latte
1 peach pastry (which I ate while I waited for the baguettes to come out of the oven)

I admit, I do hit up Costco for my favourite English cheddar and when I get a craving for steak on the barbie. And if I’m looking for organic, the best stuff can be found at the local Slow Food Market on Saturdays – especially leafy greens and sprouts, eggs, homemade sausage and pastas, and wonderful accoutrements. But I will always love Mercado Lucas de Gálvez for its magic and mayhem.


In October 2012, I drove 6,800 kms with my artist husband, Ric Kokotovich (, and my dog Iggy, to spend 6 months in our adopted city of Merida. Leaving the fast paced world of Calgary behind, I packed my books, art and entrepreneurial spirit, and set off to explore what lay beyond the borders that had become my life. In October 2013 we hit the road south again, hoping to find out what ‘living the dream’ really means. This is my adventure.

4 comments on “What 170 Pesos bought me at the Market in Merida

  1. yuuuummmmm… coming to visit as soon as possible.

    • I love being a tour guide in my new ‘hood – the Yucatan is an incredible place and we have just scratched the surface. Please come visit 🙂

  2. Ron Allanach

    So funny I should find this story today. We were at Whole Foods in West Vancouver last Thursday. IWe ordered small portions of mac and cheese, a chicken leg, cookie and lemonade – $20 !!!!!!! We have rented a home in Merida from end of January through end of April – looking very much to soaking it all in and hope my partner and I fall in love with thje city we have heard so much about and a city where many folks from Metro Vancouver are either there or considering being there! Love your pages.

    • You will love the markets Ron, and the music, art, culture, and people. Merida is a blossoming love story for us, as is the Yucatan – almost everyday we discover something. I am off to try a new yoga studio this morning, and next week we are heading to Puerto Morales for the first time. Enjoy your time in the White City, and be sure to check out the Merida English Library Artist Studio Tour in February!

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