Lose Your Soul

Tonight I am going to a tequila tasting and I admit to having a love/hate relationship with this particular libation. Over the years, I have consumed 3’s dressed up as 9’s and paid the price. And after a particular ribald night out with a gal pal and a bottle of Don Julio, earned the moniker “1-800 Home Wreck”. Of course I blame the tequila and not my lusty heart.

©Graeme Robertson

©Graeme Robertson

But now I am in the Yucatan and the local distillation that has inspired many dangerously delicious concoctions, as well as one of Merida’s coolest hangouts—is mezcal.

The word mezcal means “oven-cooked agave” and is mostly made in Oaxaca. It has a mild or strong smoky flavour which reminds me a bit of certain brands of Scotch I’ve sniffed. I’m not a Scotch drinker but I do admit to a blossoming fondness for mezcal. One of my favourites so far is called Pierde Almas, which literally means ‘lose your soul’. Guess I better stick to sipping this one.

One day I hope to tour a real mezcal operation but in the meantime, enjoy this visual tour of tequila harvesting in Mexico.



2 thoughts on “Lose Your Soul

  1. I gotta get me some of them mescal plants to dry for decoration and I wanna be in the factory when they are hand labelling and cranking the tunes-Big Fun! Sister Boose-The non scotch or mescal driver butcha never know!!

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