Follow the Light

I wake up to the sounds of life in a barrio in a small city in Mexico; dogs barking, goats bleating, my favorite bird calling ‘gimme a breeeeaak’. I lay there thinking that this is my life now. This is my new life, yet I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. With fewer years ahead than behind, I have no time for foolish choices. Or do I? One persons reckless is anothers prison, and I, for one, have lived a careful life.

As I struggle to find the sure path through this emotional miasma, I wonder if there is no sure path. And then I stumble on spoken word poet Sarah Kay and her story of the Sweet Potato brother, the Darkroom Mother and the Father with the Basketball Hands who showed her to simply…follow the light.

4 thoughts on “Follow the Light

  1. What an insightful young woman and her way with words is so touching. Thank you for sharing that! Beautiful to listen to her and enjoy the images she conjured up in my mind. Just a tad bothered by the stuffed dog on stage….lol

  2. Oh how lovely is the morning..with full light on these pewter peaks and a beautiful poet from New York city telling me a story..thank you Alison…I miss you.

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