In late 2012, I began a journey that would take me as far away from my home as I’d ever been. I started this blog to maintain contact with those I left behind. I wrote to keep my mind off all the unknowns I was headed toward. I wrote to keep my sanity. The blog for me was less of a journal and more of a touchpoint; a point of contact with what and who I knew to be real, even though that contact was temporal.

Two years and two months later, I have written 117 posts, viewed by thousands of people living in over 70 countries around the world. From Russia to Peru, Switzerland to Guatemala, Haiti to South Africa, somehow people found my stories or pictures and gave me a little of their time.

Quite humbling to say the least, and I am grateful; at a time when I felt a bit alone in the world, your visits and comments helped me feel connected.

As I watched the world break through to 2016, I thought a lot about what to write in my first post of the New Year. Something witty? Something profound? To be honest, I didn’t awake with hope and optimism and a fierce determination to abolish all my bad habits and acquire no new ones.

I felt bereft.

I feel bereft for this world I live in, where stories of terror and human and animal suffering are ever present, and escalating. I feel bereft for all the millions of living souls that have no place to call home. The simplest of things. Home.

Home is what we long for, or at least the illusory memory of home. It’s where we believe we are safe, we are loved, we are nurtured. It’s where we escape from to make our mark on the world and it’s where we retreat for sustenance and strength.

It’s a place we feel connected to, however temporary. It’s a place that grounds us yet sets us free. Where stories are told, lives are shared, and bonds are forged that will last a lifetime, whatever that lifetime may be.

And so my wish for 2016?

That home not be a battleground, that it isn’t just a dream or a memory. That those who are unintentionally lost find their way back. And that those who have had to leave their homes behind, find compassion and grace when they least expect it.

Homeward bound,

I wish I was,

Homeward bound,

Home where my thought’s escaping,

Home where my music’s playing,

Home where my love lies waiting

Silently for me.

In October 2012, I drove 6,800 kms with my artist husband, Ric Kokotovich (, and my dog Iggy, to spend 6 months in our adopted city of Merida. Leaving the fast paced world of Calgary behind, I packed my books, art and entrepreneurial spirit, and set off to explore what lay beyond the borders that had become my life. In October 2013 we hit the road south again, hoping to find out what ‘living the dream’ really means. This is my adventure.

16 comments on “Home

  1. Mary Paston

    Oh my oh my oh dearie me…I was almost sobbing out loud as I read this Ali… my own sense of home has been so tenuous all my life…secure in the Bow Valley for a short twenty years and back to being tenuous….this post is for me and for the therapist I am going to see in January to try to sort this out before my marriage dissolves. Yes oh dearie me…well done girl well done

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dearest Mary…please don’t click the link as it will make you blubber more. You shall find your feeling of home, I promise. But I’m happy you’re hiring a guide to get you there xo

  2. Rock Paper Sisters

    My home is part place, part people, part sanctuary and refuge and peace. In a world where that is becoming scarce, I welcome home…home. Your reflections are always appreciated my sister!

  3. This may very well be my favorite post yet. She said blotting a tear and wishing the three of you a safe journey home.

  4. joyce luna

    Home; the word with so many associations wherever you are. You so well identify what many of us at home feel about those with none. Keep on writing, sharing that joy and sorrow, compassion and wit so evident in your own true self. JLuna

  5. Kevin Kanashiro

    Well said and well done, Ali.
    – Kevin

  6. Don Boynton

    A wonderful message, beautifully articulated, to begin a year of hope. Happy New Year, Alison!

  7. Beautifully written. You always seem to say what I feel. I’m so happy I’ve found a new home and have friends like you near by.

  8. Don Duncan

    Well done. Wish for a world full of souls like yourself.

  9. Thank you Ali for again your amazing words and insight! Searching for my own ‘Home’ for more or less the past 5 years, your words seemed particularly poignant now that I finally made the decision to lay down some roots and start rebuilding my own sense of security and yes…. Home. You are a beautiful, fabulous person Ali and I am so grateful to have you in my life!! Hugs T xx

    • Hi Trish! What a nice surprise to read your comment, and I’m touched that you read my wee story. I would love to see your ‘home’ next time I’m up – hopefully April! xo

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