25 things I miss about Calgary

They say “home is where the heart is”, and although Merida has stolen mine, a recent trip back to Alberta left me longing for a few things. Like my old Greek grocer and his 35 types of feta, a hike up some real mountains with nothing in sight but earth and sky, and best of all, picking up with old friends like I never left.

The longer I stay, the more things I could add, but here’s the first 25 that really got me thinking…this is a mighty fine place I still call home.

Evergreen trees and the scent of spruce
Sweaters of all kinds
Taber corn—plain and peaches and cream
Mind boggling wine selection at any vinoteca in town
Crisp clean air
A river running through it
My sister
Golfing with my dad and brother
Boots—vintage, new, ankle, knee and everything in between
Old friends
Vancouver and Victoria an hour away
Meals on Connie and Rob’s deck and the breathtaking view
Yoga Santosha
Bike riding along the river
Live music, dance and theatre—in English
Great fish shops with more than two kinds of fish
Community Natural Foods
Winter stews, summer peaches
Treks to the mountains
Cultural diversity
Carmen Creek Gourmet Bison
Indian summers
Red lentils, tandoori paste, Macedonian feta, Branston Pickle
My besties

2013-10-11 08.19.47

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