Living the Dream Merida

25 things I love about Merida

Living in flip flops. The tropical flora and fauna. Forty minutes from the sea. Music everywhere.
Heading to yoga at Bunker
Heading to yoga at Bunker

New friends
Bunker yoga Merida
My sister
Strangers who greet me everyday with a smile
The birds in the early morning, the light in the early evening
Warm nights

Fantastic and cheap street food
Shopping at the colourful local markets
The zocalos crammed with Meridians, tourists, entertainers, crafts and food
Sunday afternoon dancing and taquitos at Santa Lucia
The art, craft and culture of the Yucatan

A gentler pace of life
Swimming in the cenotes
The humidity on my skin
Exploring Mexico
Old colonial homes with their pasta tiles, soaring ceilings and beautiful light
Road trips with no agenda
Long lunches at Beautiful Haciendas
Skinny dipping in the pool
Being immersed in learning a new language
No snow

2 comments on “25 things I love about Merida

  1. Always a good thing to do, naming and claiming those things we love and are grateful for! I start my day that way and also give thanks for my sisters!

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