Mexico Inspired Christmas Slaw

Merry Christmas to all and to all, a happy and healthy New Year!

Cooking in the Yucatan is often a challenge, given we do not have the bounty in our markets that they do in say, Oaxaca or other parts of Mexico. I bring spices and condiments from Canada but it is the lack of diverse produce that is a challenge in my Merida kitchen.

For awhile I took my whining to new heights and now? I have  become resourceful, and look at recipes as I would the road signs in Mexico—it’s a guideline to get you from A to B but you’re pretty much on your own.

So, in honour of Christmas, I have concocted a colourful salad that incorporates my love of all things sweet, sour, crunchy and yes, healthy. It deserves your best white dish to offset the beautiful colour.

(This is a ‘guerrilla’ recipe meaning it’s locally-inspired, low cost and a bit unconventional, hence the lack of exact measurements.)

Alison's Mexican Christmas Slaw

Alison’s Mexican Christmas Slaw

Mexican Christmas Slaw

  1. Shred a combination of purple cabbage, jicama and carrots
  2. Add pomegranate seeds, reserving the juice for the dressing
  3. Toss lightly with your favourite homemade sweet/sour dressing
  4. Mix in some lovely micro sprouts that have a bit of bulk – I used same radish sprouts for a nice peppery bite
  5. Sprinkle with salted pumpkin seeds (the green ones) and a few more of the sprouts
Pomegranate Dressing

Mix the juice from the pomegranate with juice from half a small orange (I used a tangerine). Add a tablespoon or so of a nice white vinegar (I used my Cava Vinegar but a white balsamic could be nice too). Whisk in a little dijon mustard, sea salt and pepper, and a nice healthy oil (I used a grapeseed oil this time around). I like my dressings on the tart side, with not too much oil but you can adapt the ingredients to your own taste. Just start with small amounts so you don’t end up with a tub of dressing. Disfrutas!


5 thoughts on “Mexico Inspired Christmas Slaw

  1. Yours looks good, and I bet it is quite tasty, but I made one today to take to an event, cauliflower broken in to tiny florets, cut up red pepper, cilantro, and corn kernels. Very Red, white and green for christmas colors, then I used the corn liquid and made a sweetish vinaigrette and will dress upon arrival at event.

  2. Hi..Jane Brundage wants you to know how much she enjoyed your comments about road signs in Mexico and guerilla recipes…she was reminded of a Half Swiss/half english colleague of hers who, after spending a few months in Mexico, over breakfast and with the inimitable British accent declared, “Yes, well it would appear as though the Mexicans do tend to lack precision.” 😄😄 Sent from my iPad


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