When Tinned Tuna Becomes Gourmet

Tincan in London

Tincan in London

When we were kids, my mom used to serve us ‘tinned things on toast’. Maybe having 6 kids in 7 years drained her culinary energy, but very possibly, ‘tinned things on toast’ was considered an acceptable dinner option in the 60s. I actually liked salmon and peas on toast, and the first time I ate real asparagus, I thought it tasted like grass. So imagine my surprise to find that tinned food is making a comeback. Or perhaps it has just found a new audience who weren’t raised on Finnan Haddies (on toast, of course).

As a graphic designer and foodie, I am both attracted and appalled at this news story from the great folks at Munchies. The lovely packaging of all those tinned products beckoned, while the idea of coughing up big bucks (it’s London) to eat food out of a tin is well, repellant. That said, curiosity has got the best of me and when I make it to London this month, I’ll be checking out the new Tincan Restaurant in the hopes I can bring back some fishy art, particularly, Jose Gourmet canned goods, branded by Luis Mendonça—fabulous!


Footnote: I am not a purist or food snob—I do have tinned food in my own pantry here in Merida. I also admit to loving tinned sardines ON TOAST with lots of black pepper, but I only eat them when Ric is away because they are very smelly and give me breath that is more akin to a fish market on a hot summer day, than a mermaid. Think I’ll be bringing back some sardines!

5 thoughts on “When Tinned Tuna Becomes Gourmet

  1. I love canned sardines, too…but my hubby looks at me like I’m insane when he sees me eating them! Not to much else tinned from my childhood is very appealing, though. It will be interesting to see if this trend catches on.

  2. I’ve got ‘Delightful Spotted Dick Pudding’ in a tin in my pantry, brought by a friend from England. Its been there for 2 years. I’m afraid to open it.

    • Was that a typo? Should it be Spotted Duck Pudding? I feel an entire blog entry coming on…perhaps once you open that can, which you must do because enquiring minds want to know what a spotted dick is. Ah the Brits and their double entendres 🙂

  3. Awww…makes me nostalgic for it all though still eat tuna fish casserole, Robs fave and also like sardines. Bring me back a souvenir from the Tincan, brill! With you as you travel Al and all that unfolds! Passed the Brown sisters onto my besties…resonates a lot with many women! Hugs from Boosita

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